Diffusion metal and carbide


difundiranje_kovinDiffusion is our heat treatment process, wherein the chemical composition of the surface of the base material is changed. The process is carried out when the product has already been finally formed. Due to its high surface hardness (between 1400 HV 0.1 and 2500 HV 0.1), where the core remains tough, the diffused steel is extremely resistant to abrasive wear. Depending on the application, we provide hard layers of a thickness of 0.04 to 1 mm, which substantially prolongs the lifespan of the products.

Examples of use:

  • pneumatic transportation systems
  • units in the processing of plastics
  • turbines and other parts of the hydro industry (W.Nr.1.4313)
  • mill parts
  • matrix pellets in the timber industry
  • pumps
  • aviation and nuclear industry
  • glass industry
  • parts for textile industry
  • gearing
  • elsewhere

In addition to wear resistance, the low level of propensity of hard layer to cold welding is especially important. Tests have shown that diffused surfaces barely show a tendency to cold welding. This feature is of great importance for reducing the adhesive wear. Therefore, diffused tools are successfully used in the technique of cold and hot transformation, especially in cold transformation of steel sheet metal and in heat processing of aluminium and copper.